Responding to Commonly Asked Questions & Concerns

Will there be clear communication that precisely details what actions will be taken on behalf of the client’s needs and will good communications remain throughout the project’s completion? 

Communication is everything, (our most valuable tool) only through deep consideration in light of our client’s specific painting needs can we accomplish stellar results.  

Is your company insured with sufficient insurance coverage and can you provide a copy of general liability insurance? Are references available upon request? 

The answer to both of these inquiries is yes we do and we’re happy to provide a comprehensive list of solid references. 

What brand of paint, stain and materials would be used to accomplish our project? 

Although each painting application varies, Championship Painting chooses wisely in order to utilize the highest quality materials specific to each and every task. We keep informed of new technologies and utilize premium grade materials from all the industry’s leading brands to ensure our clients receive nothing less than standout performance.

How detailed will the preparation process be and what measures will be taken to provide cleanliness with respect towards drywall repairs, ceiling painting as well as what’s included?

Championship Painting takes special precautions on behalf of any possessions and or furniture that may need to be secured or moved for access. We thoroughly cover flooring with thick canvas drop clothes; we cover furniture and walls with painter’s plastic from the ceiling down. Repairing drywall is optional, though on most projects drywall repair is customary,  we use a HEPA filtration vacuum sander to sand wall & ceiling repairs.

How might one prepare for upcoming painting services and what personal preparations might be considered?  What time frame may we expect? 

Clients have the choice to remove wall hanging items or furniture at their digression, though Championship Painting provides that service to whatever extent is desired in order to accomplish the job. Time frames are always provided & deadlines provided upon request

Does your company provide any guarantee on behalf of the workmanship (or) additional warranty aside from material(s) specific coverage?  

Championship Painting provides a 36 month painting limited workmanship warranty that is detailed on the website & may be furbished per request.